Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela died on December 5, 2013.  Mandela, the president of the Republic of South Africa and  symbolize peace, he spent more than 40 years as a president. 27 of them in prison. As a central figure in the struggle against South Africa’s brutal and restrictive racial regime called apartheid. In 1994, shortly after the fall of apartheid, Mandela was elected President of South Africa in a multiracial, democratic election, making him the country’s first black president. He symbolize justice and equality. In addition he is being an icon of resistance and perseverance.

Under apartheid, the South African population was divided into four racial groups: white, black, colored, and Indian. economic, and social segregation was done looking to racial groups. Non whites were not allowed to vote in national election. While non-whites were at ghettoes with few decent educational and employment opportunities, whites were afforded the basic privileges of life in a democracy.


The black unemployment rate has consistently been twice as high as the white unemployment rate for 50 years:

the unemployment rate was 5 percent for whites and 10.9 percent for blacks. Today, it’s 6.6 percent for whites and 12.6 percent for blacks.

Justice was talked through long years by african americans and it denied for so long.  The law should be equal for all people. Black people shouldn’t take the teice as stiff as a white person doing the same crime.we should be disciplined and judged by the same standarts. Justice means that all of us should have the same access to all the resources that God created in the earth, that no one should go lacking because of his or her sex or skin color or religion. That’s what justice means.

Justice means that the rich and the poor should be judged alike, that no person would be poor because of conditions created by the larger society. If people are poor, it should be that they choose to be poor. Most poor people in our society do not choose poverty. More than 75 percent of all poor people work every single day. We must eliminate conditions in the society that create poverty. The same quality of health services, education, housing, nutrition, and clothing available to white children should be available to black children.
For the past 50 years, black unemployment has been well above recession levels


 In fact, the wealth disparity between whites and blacks grew even wider during the Great Recession

The wealth gap between minorities and whites has not improved over the past three decades. From 1983 to 2010, average family wealth for whites has been about six times that of blacks and Hispanics. The gap in actual dollars growing as average wealth increased for both groups.

In April of 1994, Nelson Mandela the ANC’s candidate became to the first black president in South Africa’s history. This victory represented the official end of apartheid and a moment of major triumph for black South Africans.$1024


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