Importance of references in establishing the validity and revelance of a piece of scientific research

Human values, knowledge, convictions  are relative. Nothing in this world can known as ‘Ultimate Truth’. The ‘Ultimate Truth’ does not exist under our current laws of physics. It is not easy to be sure that the scientific discoveries are true or false. It is dynamic so it might change in a short time after an experiment.

To find the true knowledge from the experiences or observations we should search for it more than once. Because of it is dynamic we can come across with different informations. And  we should do those searchs from different sources. No one can find or know everything so while researching it is good to look different sources. It also might help us to understand better. It would help us to figure out and form in our minds. Or while doing an experiment we should do that scientific experiment several times because we might not find the true knowledge at first. So if we do it more than once we can be sure that the knowledge is true.we can find the true knowledge with an emphasis on quality of research by checking, questioning and theorizing. Our knowledge comes to us through the limited tools we have.  the mind, senses, the experiments we conduct, and through casual confrontations. In as much as those tools are aided by scientific experiments and systematic methods on the relevant fields and in laboratories, the results, as well as the methods applied and the tools used, are subject to the laws of physics, chemistry, biology, physiology (scientific).

Scientific knowledge regarded as truth is always tantetive. Science is based on the premise that the process must be objective. Because there are no ultimate truths for scientific informations. Professors should be objective and they should work hard to give the true knowledge. The information that will known as true for a long time.


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