How many family meals can stop eating disorders

In the article ‘’How many family meals can stop eating disorders’’. We see that eating healthy is really important to live healthy. Teenagers usually prefer to eat outside with their friends. And everyday the percentage of the teenagers who eat fast food outside gets higher. In 1900, 2 percent of meals were eaten outside the home. In 2010, 50 percent were eaten away from home. Maybe this might happen 2-3 times a week but as we read in the article if it happens everyday of the week they come across with some disorders. Such as bulumia and anorexia. Eating around the circle table with the family is important to have good eating habits. One hundred years ago all we ate was local, organic food, real, whole food. There were no fast food restaurants, there was no junk food, there was no frozen food. There was just what your mother or grandmother made. Most meals were eaten at home. In the modern age that tradition, that knowledge, is being lost. Meals shouldnt be skipped. Research shows that children who have regular meals with their parents do better in every way, from better grades, to healthier relationships, to staying out of trouble.  İf the meals are eaten at the true time, teen wont want smoke to lose weight or wont skip meals in conclusion they wont have bad eating habits.

According to an experiment professor found that who eat at least 5 times at home with their family %35 less likely to be disordered eaters. Disordered eaters means taking diet pills, smoke to lose weight or skipping meals. So this means if the teenager is eating five times at home in a week it is a enough number to be sure that the children is healthy. Even three is a enough number for eating the meals at home. According to another experiment proffessors have found that %12 is less likely to be overweight than those who didn’t share three meals at home. When we look at the statistics we can easily see that even  one number of meal shouldnt be skipped because it changes the percentages it is really hassas. And  it provides a setting. Journal perdiatrics report that the once who eat three meals at home were %24 percent more likely to have healthy habits compared to others who didnt share three meals with their family in one week. Also families who eat together are more connected to each other and they talk aobut lots of topics at the table while they are eating, even diet and dangerous eating habits.

In conslusion if we want healthy bodies we must eat foods are real whole, local fresh unprocessed. These are the foods which are at home. So ı recommend everybody even adults to eat at home except there is a obligation to eat outside.


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